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C990 Wall Mounted Transformer
C990 Wall Mounted Transformer Imput Voltage: 230-240volts Output: 16volts @ 800mA ..
Ex Tax: £13.13
Gaugemaster Model 100M Single Track Cased Controller
Gaugemaster Model 100M Single Track Cased Controller Single Track Transformer Controlle..
Ex Tax: £74.96
Gaugemaster Model SS-2  Station Stop Unit
Gaugemaster SS-2  Station Stop Unit  A small unit providing an automati..
Ex Tax: £31.63
GM52 Multi Scale Track Tester
 GM52 Multi Scale Track Tester This track tester works on OO, HO and N Gauge track..
Ex Tax: £4.38
GMC-D Model D Twin Track Controller
GMC-D Model D Twin Track ControllerIdeal for HO/OO/N Gauges Twin Track Transforme..
Ex Tax: £87.46
GMC-M1 Cased Transformer - 16v AC~
Gaugemaster M1 Cased Transformer - 16v AC~ Brand: GaugemasterScale / Type: Z / N / ..
Ex Tax: £41.63
PL-10 Point Motor
PL-10 Point Motor    ..
Ex Tax: £6.54
PL-10E  Turn Out Motor
PL-10E  Turn Out MotorWith Extended Pin ..
Ex Tax: £6.54
PL-11 Side-mounted Turnout Motor
PL-11 Side-mounted Turnout MotorAbove-board fitting for Setrack and Streamline OO/HO Turnouts ..
Ex Tax: £8.13
PL-12 Motor Adaptor Base
PL-12 Motor Adaptor BaseThe PL-12 Adaptor Base should be used in association with most non-PECO ..
Ex Tax: £3.21
PL-12X Motor Adaptor Base Kit (NO SPRING)
PL-12X Motor Adaptor Base Kit (NO SPRING) - Pack of 2   ..
Ex Tax: £1.63
PL-13 Accessory Switch
PL-13 Accessory SwitchFor fitting to turnout motor PL-10E ..
Ex Tax: £3.21
PL-23  On-On Changeover Switch
PL-23  On-On Changeover Switch ..
Ex Tax: £5.63
PL-26B Passing Contact Switch Black Lever
PL-26B Passing Contact Switch Black Lever ..
Ex Tax: £5.79
PL-26Y Passing Contact Switch
PL-26W Passing Contact LeverYellow Lever ..
Ex Tax: £5.79
PL-27 Switch Console
PL-27 Switch Console ..
Ex Tax: £3.96
PL-41 Track Cleaning Rubber
PL-41 Track Cleaning Rubber ..
Ex Tax: £3.29
PL-9  Mounting Plates
PL-9  Mounting PlatesTo go with Point Motor PL10 and PL10EPk of 5 ..
Ex Tax: £2.75
R602 Power Clip
 R602 Power Clip For Use With Hornby Track  ..
Ex Tax: £2.33
Seep ( Locking Cover )
Seep  Locking Cover For Use With Point Motors.   ..
Ex Tax: £0.83
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