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Games Workshop GW48-42 Stormhawk Interceptor
An awesome sight, descending at incredible velocities from orbiting warships to engage and annihilat..
Ex Tax: £27.50
GW400660 Getting Started With Warhammer 40,000
Description Everything you need to get started in the galaxy of Warhammer 40,000, this magazine..
Ex Tax: £4.17
GW4336 Scarab Occult Terminators
Description Scarab Occult Terminators were once the finest psykers in the Thousand Sons Legion,..
Ex Tax: £26.17
GW4613 Craftworld Wraithguard
Description   Possessing deadly long-ranged weaponry, Wraithguard are constructs made f..
Ex Tax: £25.00
GW4709 Cadian Command Squad
Description   The Imperial Guard is a vast fighting formation and for its operations to..
Ex Tax: £12.92
GW4715 Militarum Tempestus Scions
The Tempestus Scions are amongst the finest human warriors in the galaxy. They are fanatically dedic..
Ex Tax: £17.50
GW4717 Astra Militarum Cadian Infantry Squad
GW4717 Astra Militarum Cadian Infantry Squad Imperial Guard platoons are made up of several ten-m..
Ex Tax: £15.00
GW4719 Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad
Description   Heavy Weapon Teams are either part of normal Imperial Guard squads or the..
Ex Tax: £20.00
GW480160 Codex: Space Marines (Hardback)
The 41st Millennium is an age of war and darkness. The Imperium is assailed from all sides, but stan..
Ex Tax: £25.00
GW4809 Space Marine Assault Squad
Falling from the sky with lightning speed and stunning aggression, the ferocity of a Space Marines A..
Ex Tax: £21.66
GW4811 Space Marine Bike Squad
Description When part of a larger battleforce the bikes' speed and power gives the Space Marine..
Ex Tax: £16.67
GW4815 Space Marine Devastator Squad
Support troops who truly live up to their name, the Space Marine Devastators deliver the Emperor’s j..
Ex Tax: £23.33
GW4823 Space Marine Predator
The Predator is the main battle tank of the Space Marines. Based upon the Rhino chassis, the Predato..
Ex Tax: £29.17
GW4827 Space Marine Drop Pod
The Space Marines are known as the Angels of Death, and the title is never more appropriate than whe..
Ex Tax: £18.75
GW4871 Space Marine Primaris Reivers
All Space Marines are experts of the rapid strike, but Reivers take these skills to the next level. ..
Ex Tax: £29.17
GW4910 Necron Immortals
As the shock troops of the Necron army, a phalanx of Immortals will strive for victory using every t..
Ex Tax: £17.08
GW5010 Ork Boyz
Boyz are the rank and file of an Ork army. Orks are tough, determined fighters who fall upon the ene..
Ex Tax: £15.00
GW5013 Ork Stormboyz
Description Stormboyz, the shock troops of many successful warbands, dedicate their lives to the ti..
Ex Tax: £12.92
GW5108 Hive Tyrant
Commanders of the Tyranid swarm, Hive Tyrants are the enactors of the Hive Mind's will. Massively po..
Ex Tax: £27.50
GW5412 Imperial Knight Warden
Description   An imposingly tall, heavily armed engine of war, nothing announces its pr..
Ex Tax: £79.17
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